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Here at Simply Interims we have created a unique process for connecting Employers and Candidates. The Employer can create a Job Post and then search for candidates who match the key skills, location, day rate range, IR35 preference (relevant to UK only) and availability etc. Only those Candidates the Employer chooses to invite will be able to view the job and apply. The Candidate has control over his preferences for each of these criteria and therefore control over which roles he is being invited for. We have also created a unique search algorithm which ranks candidates according to a combined scoring for each Key Skill which matches the Employers list. More feedbacks and higher scoring of each feedback for each matching key skill leads to higher ranking in search. Employer feedbacks are worth more than other candidate feedbacks. You drive your own ranking by gaining feedbacks from colleagues and for ensuring you are invited to opportunities which really do match your key skill set.

How it Works


Register and enter profile details.

Register on the site and then update your profile with all relevant information, particularly listing and describing your Key Skills so you can gain endorsements and match searches.


Gain endorsements for your key skills.

Invite colleagues past and present to register and endorse/ score your key skills. Employers who interview you will also be able to give endorsements (and feedback - private to you) against key skills.


Set your availability.

It is critical that your availability is up to date. Whenever you set to available you will be prompted every two weeks to validate that you are available. This provides confidence to employers that availability is up to date.

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Accept Invitations

When you receive notification of an invitation to view/ apply for a role this indicates you are on the shortlist. View the role, and if you are interested, accept. If not then decline the invitation. N.B. Invitations only last 48 hours! so don't delay.


Schedule Interview

Once you have accepted the invitation the employer will see your contact details and contact you to arrange interview(s) and vice versa. Employers pay to invite so interviews should follow.

Detailed Process

  • 01
    Register with simplyinterims.com and complete your profile. You will be prompted to validate your email address and then Admin will verify you. Once this is done you can log in, make changes to your profile, upload your CV, upload a profile picture, reset availability and otherwise manage your profile.
  • 02
    When you start typing a Key Skill it will attempt to match with what is already in our database. If your key skill isn't there then once you complete the entry it is added to the database and will appear when employers start to enter in the search fields.
  • 03
    The next step is to gain endorsements for your Key Skills. All endorsements are positive or neutral - multiple endorsements and high scores will increase your search ranking but the detail alongside each key skill is what will make you stand out when the employer views your profile. N.B. Employer key skill scores are worth more than colleagues so ensure you only claim Key Skills you can demonstrate! Also ensure you set a realistic day rate minimum and set your location and other parameters to maximise your chances of appearing in search results and being selected.
  • 04
    The site is entirely free for Interims and all candidates to use. It always will be.
  • 05
    When you appear in a search the employer will be able to view your full profile minus any contact details. This is where you need to impress and ensure you are selected to be invited to view/ apply for the role. Remember Invitations only last 48 hours so be sure to respond to those alerts when you get them.